Kho kho 2022: History| Rules and Regulations| Terminology


Games and sports are the major contributions of civilization and culture.It is not possible for us to imagine when men started sports.We can only guess that he has been playing games since he was born on earth.One of the important games included kho kho.In this article, we shall discuss about Kho kho 2022: History| Rules and Regulations| Terminology

Kho kho 2022: History| Rules and Regulations| Terminology

we shall discuss about Kho-kho-History, Rules and Regulations, Skills, Terminology

Kho-kho-History,Rules and Regulations,Skills,Terminology

Kho kho History:

History of Kho-kho game originated in India.In India, it is very popular rural sports.It is played in every part of the country.The recorded notes of kho-kho were firstly formulated by Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasad Mandal, Baroda.This game was popularised by Akhil Maharashtra Sharirak Shikshan Mandalay in the year 1928 when they organized its tournament.The Vijayawada district in Andhra Pradesh hosted the first national kho-kho championship in the year 1956-60.It is usually played on a clay surface, but nowadays a tetron surface is also used to increase its pace.

Rules and regulations:

1. The running or chasing side is decided by the toss.

2. A team consists of 12 players in which two teams of 9 playing members play against each other alternately in four turns or quarters of 9 minute each.

3. ‘Chaser‘ team takes a sitting position in the cross lanes with opposite back in 8 squares and one player stands near the pole.

4. Runner tram sends players for running.While other runners will wait for their turn in entry zone area

5. Chaser team attempts to catch the running players while passing on Kho from one player to another.

6. Chaser player can only move in one direction without crossing the central lane

7. The points are awarded by the legal touch of chaser player to the running players

8. An additional inning shall be played in case of equal points where time is compared to make 1 player out.

Skills of kho-kho

Chasing skills: while chasing,Kho should be given in loud voice.while calling Kho, the player should be touched.

Turning at pole: The turning around the pole is performed on one hand and the other free hand is used for touching a runner.

Chasing: chaser moves in the direction of the cross line and tries to come nearer to a runner.

Diving: when the chaser feels that the runner is in his approach, a dive is taken.

Running skills

  • Running: it requires endurance and speed.
  • Dodging: it is the most important skill used in running.Dodging is given by jerky movement of the body.


Chaser: The sitting team who tries to touch the opponent team members who are running chaser sit-in square over cross lines with an alternative back.

Runner: The players of opposing team who save themselves from being touched by the chaser

Cross lane: The parallel lanes cutting center lane at the middle of the playfield.

Central lane: Two parallel lines from one pole to other.

Kho: The word Kho is spoken by one chaser to another.

Late-Kho: when active chaser delays in the touch for giving Kho to another.

Line-cut: When chaser cuts the square line cross lanes or center lane during chasing opponent.

Changing the direction: When active chaser goes in the wrong direction against rules.

Early getup: When the sitting chased gets up before proper getting Kho.

Square: square shaped area by the cutting of center lane and cross lane used for sitting of chase.

Minus-Kho: A violation of directional fault in which the chased cannot make the running player out unless Kho is passed back to two teammates or touch to a pole.

Lobby: The free space area around the play field.

Free zone: The area by the sides of pole lines in which the direction rule is not followed and a runner can move in any direction.

Pole:A specially made wooden cyclindrical structure, firmly erected up at the sides of playfield equipment of kho kho.


Kho-Kho girls performed brilliantly

  • Ludhiana: In the DAV Public School, Pakkhwal road, inter class football and Kho-Kho activities were conducted for children of Class VI in which both the boys and girls of the said class participated.
  • Kho-Kho competition was held for football and girls for boys of Class VI. Semi competitions were held between the students, in which the winning team was selected for the final.
  • In the final match, the team of sixth H in the football match was the winner while the sixth-e of the Kho-Kho girls were the winners.
  •  Awarded to the team of boys and girls who won the winner from the Principal were also honored
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