Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

Ind vs Eng is very wonderful match which is played in England. Both teams have more potential. These two teams are very talented in cricket history. Today we will discuss about Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

Ind vs Eng in all Cricket World Cup seasons
  • 2011
    • Match Tied
  • 2003
    • India won by 82 runs
  • 1999
    • India won by 63 runs
  • 1992
    • England won by 9 runs
  • 1987
    • England won by 35 runs
  • 1983
    • India won by 6 wickets
  • 1975
    • England won by 202 runs

2019 World Cup Prediction

Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

Ind vs Eng

Ind vs Eng will face each other in a high-octane conflict in Birmingham on Sunday. While this match is more important for England for obvious reasons, India will extend the sensational run in the World Cup so far. The Indian team is so strong that even after injury to key players like Shikhar Dhawan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, there has been no effect on the team’s performance in fact.
Saying that there are some spots in the team which are the cause of concern for team management. It would be interesting to see if Team India persists or changes with the same team. India has been predicted to play XI for the game against England.


Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul

Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

After being controversially dismissed against the West Indies, Rohit Sharma will try to make a huge score against England.

On the other hand, KL Rahul wants to change the start of the game in the big innings.


Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, Kedar Jadhav

Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

Although Virat Kohli has played some important innings so far in the tournament, he is desperate to get the biggest score in this World Cup so far.

Vijay Shankar has failed to impress in the three matches played so far and he is likely to be out. Rishabh Pant can be included in the playing XI, given the fact that England has two spinners. Kedar Jadhav also needs to contribute more than the bat.

Wicket-keeper and all-rounder

MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya

MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya will be responsible for making a quick run at the end of the innings. Pandya is also in good form with the ball, regularly taking wickets


Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammad Shami

So far the Indian bowlers have been extraordinary in the tournament. Mohammed Shami’s unprecedented form can keep Bhuvneshwar Kumar out for some more time, hopefully spinners will perform well on Edgbaston’s spinning track.

Key players

MS Dhoni

After receiving heavy criticism for “batting without intention”, MS Dhoni once again proved to be an important half-century against the West Indies. Dhoni’s match awareness makes him a player to watch in high pressure matches.

Mohammad Shami

Since Mohammed Shami has been in place of Bhubaneswar Kumar, Blue has been fantastic for Men. Their ability to swing the old ball against Josh Butler and Ben Stokes’s choice in the middle will be significant

Match 38 CWC

Ind vs Eng

Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

Game plan for England to win against India

Between the disappointment of those who have accepted their back-to-back defeat, or the pessimism around the scale of that work, which should be done to reach the semi-finals, you can be forgiven for thinking that Eoin Morgan The men had already been diverted.

Yes, the choice of Pakistan’s run-of-play with Afghanistan and Bangladesh has been given, or in the last two bouts of England against India and New Zealand, you will take former, and it is not considering the fact that Bangladesh Own or can still pipe Sri Lanka to host.

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But the fate of England is in his own hands. They can still become world champions. Such as


England is starting this World Cup as a favorite and the top order team was not a temporary.

  1. He has not lost bilateral series for more than two years and his last domestic defeat was in 2015.
  2. They are the best one-day team of the country so far, which is a golden generation.
  3. But pressure and anticipation can do fun things. In the Goldfish Bowl of the tournament you are expected to win, trust can end soon.
  4. On Tuesday after the defeat to Australia, Morgan himself admitted that self-confidence has taken a hit.
  5. This is Morgan, who holds the key to restoring England to its old self.
  6. This is a team formed on their sight and Irishman is the only part of its leadership which has remained consistent since the defeat of the previous World Cup.
  7. More recently, the captain has done an interesting study.
  8. Usually, while addressing reporters, cooler than the other part of the pillow, it becomes quite stressful especially after losing in Lords.
  9. He can channel his internal head Alex Ferguson and protect his players, who will now look for India to pump the tires before Sunday’s game in Edgbaston, which will feel like Eden Gardens.
  10. Former England captain Alec Stewart said, “Eoin has reminded its players that they are still good players but they also analyze what they are not doing well.” About trying to win the World Cup “

Another former England captain Michael Vaughan said: “What Morgan has done for the four-day team of England in four years is remarkable, but they will have an idea of ​​what they do before Sunday. Is the time and we expect.

Bat first

Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

It can also come under the banner of the adapter, but because it involves a change in the preferred way of winning England’s ODI match in the last four years, it is more explanatory.

  • Simply put, England like to bat second. They are good at it too. How often have we been told that Morgan men can “follow any goal”
  • During the series against Pakistan before the World Cup, Morgan won the toss and batted, when the opposition team won the toss, they were happy to repeat the scenario and put them inside.
  • It is very easy to say that the second batting has come after England’s three defeats, so they have to change. More than that.
  • First of all, England is very, very good precursor. Twice he has batted first to destroy the one-day record totals.
  • Secondly, in tight games, where the stakes are high, the pressure to pursue with the pressure of a batsman can play a trick.
  • Yes, conditions were right for England to take the first game against Australia, but in the second innings they always felt the heat of Michel Stark.
  • What can happen on Sunday if England are struggling in Edgbaston, on their World Cup line, with Jaspreet Bumrah being roared by assertive Indian supporters?
  • England pace bowler James Anderson said, “I want to watch him bat first and get a big score on the board.” “It seems as if they are following, they have become a bit safer, a little careful.

“I want to see him batting first and go for it, just want to take the hut.”

Field better

Ind vs Eng: 2019 World Cup Prediction| Match 38 CWC

Like a liar, which you will not see in the eye, there is definitely a sure sign of not being right when all the cracks in fielding begin to fall.

  • England were fantastic in the opening game against South Africa – who can forget Ben Stokes? – But since then, the muddy moments have been added.
  • Some people will point the Vaux Quartet to Cache or Bairstow’s normal boundry brightness against Pakistan, but this must be ignored by other evidence.
  • Bairstow dropped himself twice in the win against Afghanistan, starting to mount Jos Butler’s errors behind the stump, and England was equally scary as a non-shirt for the first half of the innings on Tuesday.
  • Before we consider the effect of the significant decline of Mohamed Hafiz Roy’s defeat in the defeat by Pakistan.

Von said, “They did not look like a team hunting in the packs on the ground.”

“This England team is a good fielding team and when they are under pressure in this tournament, they have done poorly, it is a mental issue, because there is talent.”

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