Ind vs Aus 2020 3rd ODI Match Result

The third and final ODI between India and Australia is on 2 November 2020. India won by 13 runs against Australia. Today we will discuss about Ind vs Aus 2020 3rd ODI Match Result

Ind vs Aus 2020 3rd ODI Match Result

A brilliant comeback by India, a 150-run partnership between Pandya and Jadeja. With the ball, debutant Natarajan provided early success and then took regular wickets before taking on the role of Blinder to snatch Maxwell’s victory.

However, Bumrah gave the blow and brought India back into the match by removing Maxwell and then the fast bowlers teamed up with Bumrah to win Zampa the match for India. Although Virat Kohli’s men lost the series, they came out to win the final


Ind vs Aus 2020 3rd ODI Match Result

  • Zampa is designated lbw! And he has decided to challenge the call. tell you what! He is out. Nothing at the hotspot, nothing at Snico. He is plum !!
  • 49.2 Jampa to Bumrah, no run. Slower ball and Zampa’s path gets quicker, swings and misses.
  • 49.1 Bumrah to Hazelwood, 1 run, attempted a yorker which was a low full toss, but it was headed to the stumps. Hazelwood squeezes it off-side for one.

India Comeback

Ind vs Aus 2020 3rd ODI Match Result

  1. 48.6 Hazlewood to Thakur, 1 run, Australia needed 15 runs in the final over as Hazelwood faced Bumrah.
  2. The outside was a length delivery and Hazelwood sliced ​​it through the cover-point for a single
  3. 48.5 Zampa to Thakur, 1 run, Cute attempt by Thakur as he throws another low toss, does it slow and is pushed forward by the bowler in one go.
  4. 48.4 Hazlewood to Thakur, 1 run, falls under this overpriced delivery and knocks it down for a long time at once.
  5. 48.3 Thakur to Hazelwood, 2 runs, less full toss of out, Hazelwood drives it through the cover-point and scores a two.

48th Over

Swapnil Pandya: If Shardul can bowl like this consistently then it will be very easy to believe that he has some good batting records

  • 48.2 Zampa to Thakur, 1 run, Tad Fuller off out, Zampa slices it through point and brings Hazelwood to strike
  • 48.1 Thakur to Zampa, no run, looks messy, tries to play scoop shot, but Thakur is smart enough to keep it.

Game Turning point

Ind vs Aus 2020 3rd ODI Match Result

The 47th over went for just four runs and Thakur ended it by removing Abbott. Wanted 25 runs off 18 balls and now two wickets are left.

Game Over!
Lbw !! And it is Bumrah who has taken Zampa’s last wicket. India won by 13 runs. Thakur, Natarajan and Bumrah helped India defend their score, winning their third ODI! Australia won the series 2–1! Player of the Match: Hardik Pandya in 76 balls, 92 Player of the Series, Steve Smith for 216 runs at a strike rate of 149 runs.

Back-to-back fifties for Maxwell

Another half-century for the middle-order batsman. He is taking the attack to Natarajan. With a six he reaches his fifty and then gets a boundary.

However, all this does not work for Ashton Egger and the border is found with a square cut. 18 runs from over and Australia close to total lead. Score after 44 overs, AUS 264/6




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