How interested are you in the Pan American Games lima 2019

Pan American Games (Commonly known as Pan Am Games) is a major sporting event featuring America’s Summer Games in which thousands of athletes participate in various types of competitions. Today we will discuss about How interested are you in the Pan American Games lima 2019

How interested are you in the Pan American Games lima 2019

Pan-American Games of 2019, officially known as XVIII Pan American Games and is usually known as the Lima 2019 Pan-M Games, is a multi-sport event organized in Lima. Is going. In Peru, starting from July 26 to August 11, 2019, some programs starting July 24, 2019

Host city Lima, Peru
Motto Let’s All Play
Spanish: Jugamos Todos
Nations 41
Athletes 6,680
Events 419 in 39 sports
Opening July 26
Closing August 11
Opened by
Martín Vizcarra
Cecilia Tait
Stadium Estadio Nacional del Perú
← 2015 2023 →

2019 Pan American Games

On Friday, July 26, a spectacular opening ceremony featuring gods, myths, music and more was seen.

Louis Fonsey sang it, had to do it, but before that we had beach volleyball, artistic skating, squash, modern pentathlon and more.

How to buy tickets to the Pan American Games 2019

Tickets for the inaugural ceremony can be sold, but Lima is available on tickets for the events of 2019, some are available (some have already been sold!), And very reasonable prices.

For example, expensive seats for women’s All-Around Artistic Gymnastics Final on Sunday July 27 are less than $ 15 for adults, under-18 and 5 dollars for senior citizens.

Last time we saw that some seats were still available, but in haste, tickets are being snapped fast!

Click here for the official ticket sales site.

Pan American Games schedule

Events began on Wednesday with beach volleyball and handball. Opening Ceremonies occur on Friday evenings, in which Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsei (“Despeito”) is. Games are running from August 11. ESPNU and ESPN Deportes (Spanish) will broadcast the games on TV in the US See TV / Stream Programming Schedule here.

Things to know

The United States is a medal winner with 1,444 gold with 4,420 in the Pan American Games. Cuba is second with 2,026, and Canada is third with 1,915. This is the 18th edition of the Games, which happens every four years since 1951.

This is the first time that Peruvian Pan is hosting the American Games. Mexico and Canada have hosted the Games three times, while Argentina, America and Brazil have done this twice or twice. Columbia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba and the Dominican Republic all hosted once.

Neither the American basketball team has won gold since doing this in women’s games in Rio 2007. Men have not won the tournament since 1983. This year’s men team is a collection of players from the NCAA Big East Conference, led by Guard Miles Powell of Setan Hall.

Pan am games 2019 track and field

Between July 28 to August 11, 2019 at the Athletics Stadium in Villa Deportiva National Videana Cluster, in the 2019 Pan American Games at Lima, Peru, organized in Marathon and Parake Kennedy.

Pan am games 2019 track and field schedule

Competition schedule for athletics in the 2019 Pan American Games has been announced

2015 Pan American Games

How interested are you in the Pan American Games lima 2019

The 2015 Parapan American Games, officially known as the V Parapan American Games.

Host city Toronto, Canada
Motto United We Play
Nations 28
Athletes 1,651
Events 317 in 15 sports
Opening August 7
Closing August 15
Opened by
Governor GeneralDavid Johnston
Stadium Pan Am and Parapan Am
Athletics Stadium

2015 Pan American Games Results

Football 5-a-side

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men  Brazil  Argentina  Mexico


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men  Brazil  United States  Canada
Women  Brazil  United States  Canada

Medal Table 2015

1. United States: 261 (102 Gold, 78 Silver, 81 Bronze)

2. Canada: 214 (77 Gold, 68 Silver, 69 Bronze)

3. Brazil: 140 (41 Gold, 39 Silver, 60 Bronze)

4. Cuba: 97 (36 Gold, 27 Silver, 34 Bronze)

5. Mexico: 91 (20 Gold, 29 Silver, 42 Bronze)

6. Argentina: 74 (14 Gold, 29 Silver, 31 Bronze)

7. Colombia: 72 (27 Gold, 14 Silver, 31 Bronze)

2019 Pan American Games Qualifying

Athletics at the 2019 Pan American Games – Qualification
Athletics at the 2019 Pan American Games
800 m men women
1500 m men women
5000 m men women
10,000 m men women

A total of 740 athletes will qualify for the competition. Each nation can enter at least two athletes and one team per relay event in each individual event. At each event there are maximum number of competitive and minimum performance standards.

2023 Pan American Games

How interested are you in the Pan American Games lima 2019

Santiago confirmed as a host of 2023 Pan American Games

  1. Santiago has been confirmed as a host of 2023.
  2. After the return of Buenos Aires in the beginning of this year, Santiago was the only bidder for the 19th edition of the Games.
  3. The city will also stage the American Games with Andrew Parsons, chairman of the International Paralympic Committee, who will sign the agreement today.
  4. Chile’s Sports Minister Pablo Squala Serrano was among the people present in the meeting to secure the agreement.
  5. The officer competed in the first Pan American Games, 400 meters hurdles for men and Indianapolis in 800 meters at the fifth position in 1987.
  6. Serrano said, “It was my honor to be present as a player in Pan American Games.”
  7. “We are not doing any time and effort to welcome you in 2023.
  8. We have many more properties to host this event.
  9. “From the government and the population, we are very proud to be able to fulfill this bidding process.
  10. “We have worked hard and want to make this dream come true.
  11. “Our objective is to achieve this objective and we are ready to host the biggest sporting event in America.
  12. “We have a lot of experience compared to four years ago when we make final bids, we have professionalism and great players.
  13. “We are ready to do supernatural efforts and we have a common goal.
  14. “They will help us fulfill our objectives and help us spread the game among the youth.
  15. “We hope to show those countries which dreams can come true.”

Chile’s President Michelle Becherlet was included in the quote video, which was shown by Santiago 2023, the government’s support for this event was highlighted.

A metro system, which is currently under construction, will be central to the transport plan.


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