France, in the next round, defeating the Hockey World Cup / Argentina

Hey Guyz Today I want to share with you a big update of Hockey. So let’s start the discussion about France, in the next round, defeating the Hockey World Cup / Argentina

France, in the next round, defeating the Hockey World Cup / Argentina

France, in the next round, defeating the Hockey World Cup / Argentina


  • France won 5-3 against Argentina in their last league match
  • New Zealand played draws with Spain, made a place in the next round

  1. New Zealand stopped Spain from a 2-2 draw after hitting two goals in their last league match of the Hockey World Cup.
  2. Drawing a match, New Zealand made it to the next round from Pool A. In another match, France defeated Argentina 5-3 in the second round.
  3. The team reached the second round after 28 years. Spain’s victory came out of Spain’s World Cup.
  4. Argentina reached the quarter-finals. New Zealand and France now play against crossover

Half time ahead of two goals Spain team

France, in the next round, defeating the Hockey World Cup / Argentina

  • In the ninth minute of the match against New Zealand, Albert Beltran made Spain a 1-0 lead. In the 27th minute, Ignatias scored the goal and scored the score 2-0. After the second quarter ended, Spain’s team was 2-0 ahead.
  • However, in the 50th minute, New Zealand’s Gerald scored a goal of 1-2. Then in the 56th minute Russell scored the goal and scored 2-2. After that the two teams could not score against each other until the match was over.

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England need to win today to reach the next round

  1. England’s team will face Ireland in Pool B’s third and final league match on Friday. To make the place in the next round, the team must win in every situation. So far, England have not won a single win in two matches.
  2. Ireland is also just one point and it has not won. England and Ireland are only once in the World Cup. This match was won by England 2-0. In another match, World Champion Australia will clash with China.

Interesting information about hockey

This time we are talking about hockey, preparing for the London Olympics. Hockey was our country’s pride at the time, but now it is not so. We had made an impression in the Olympics, like a great player like Dhyan Chand. Now in this game Australia, Germany, Spain, Holland etc. have the courage of the teams.

  1. Do you know the hockey game was first included in the London Olympics in 1908.
  2. It was won by the first Olympic Gold Great Britain (England).
  3. Earlier this game was played in the grasslands, but in the 1970s it was also played on a plastic turf.
  4. With this change the game grew rapidly and the advent of adventure also increased. In the year 1980, women’s hockey competition was held for the first time in games held in Russia in Moscow.
  5. In 2000, 12 teams in the men’s event in the Olympic hockey tournament in Sydney Olympics and are 10 teams in the women’s section.
  6. Rules of the competition: Two halves of 35-35 minutes in the hockey match. Each team has 11 players and 5 extra players.
  7. There are 12 teams in the Olympics and therefore two groups of 6-6 are made. Each team plays matches against the other teams of the group.
  8. The top two teams from both groups arrive in the semi-finals. Teams left behind in the group play matches, so that each team can get their number from 5th to 7th. Thus, the semi-finals reach the finals and one of them wins gold medal.

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