EPL / defending champion Manchester City defeated Watford News

All in the world, football is very popular. It gives a lot of entertainment to the fans. Today i want to share you a big news update. Let’s discuss about EPL / defending champion Manchester City defeated Watford News 

EPL / defending champion Manchester City defeated Watford News

EPL / defending champion Manchester City defeated Watford News

  • Manchester City tops with 41 points from 15 matches in the current season of the English Premier League
  • Watford 15th in the 15th match, 7th defeat and 11th with 2 draws
  • The team did not win any of the last five, four losses, played a draw
  1. Defending champions Manchester City registered their seventh consecutive win in the English Premier League (EPL).
  2. English football club Manchester City defeated Watford FC 2-1.
  3. Liroy Sane scored 40th and Riyad Mehrej scored in the 51st minute from the City, while Watford’s goal was scored by Abadolay Daucoure in the 85th minute. City made 6 changes in the team for this match.

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Manchester’s success rate is 86% in the last 21 matches

  1. Manchester City has not lost any fight since April this year. His last defeat was on 2 April against Manchester United on 7 April.
  2. After that Manchester City has played 21 matches. 18 of them have won and three draws.
  3. Manchester City scored two goals in consecutive ninth match against Watford.
  4. At the same time, Watford lost three matches for the first time in EPL after December 2017.
  5. Manchester City had rested Rahim Stirling to his top scorer against Watford, while Sergio Aguero was out due to injuries.
  6. Manchester City has won 13 out of 15 matches in the current season, while it has drawn two bouts. The team is at the top with 41 points. Liverpool (36) and Chelsea (31) are at number three.

City receives highest 35 million from FIFA

  • 16 FIFA World Cup players representing Manchester City represented their respective country.
  • Manchester City’s top players had landed in the World Cup. That’s why the club received the highest amount of Rs 35 crore from FIFA.
  • FIFA gave 1476 crores to 416 clubs in the world. Real Madrid got 33.8 million, Chelsea and Manchester United 25-25 million, PSG 27.5 million, Yuvventus 21 million and Bayern Munich received 19 million rupees.

EPL: Manchester United paused Arsenal on draw on Linde’s goal

EPL: Manchester United paused Arsenal on draw on Linde's goal

EPL: Lindard, on his own initiative, made the Manchester United team’s lead against Arsenal to achieve a draw. This is the report of this match.

MANCHESTER: On the basis of a goal made by Jennifer Lingard, Manchester United hold Arsenal at the draw in the English Premier League match. According to the report, in this match played late last night on the Old Trafford ground, United held Arsenal 2-2 at the draw. Sokradran Mustafa opened the account of Arsenal in the 26th minute, but in the 30th minute Anthony Marshall scored the score for United with the score being 1-1.

EPL: Manchester United paused Arsenal on draw on Linde's goal

After this, in the second half, there was a parallel competition between the two clubs. However, the advantage of United’s player M. Roso’s mistake was to Arsenal. Roso’s On Goal resulted in Arsenal getting a 2-1 lead on United

This mistake was compensated by Lingard. In the 69th minute, he saved United from defeat against Arsenal and scored the match.

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