Duke Basketball: Schedule| Score| Stats| Record

Duke Blue Devils’s basketball team represents the Duke University in NCAA Division I College Basketball and competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The team is fourth in the win of any NCAA men’s basketball program, and is trained by Mike Krajzowski. Today we will discuss about Duke Basketball: Schedule| Score| Stats| Record 

Duke Basketball: Schedule| Score| Stats| Record


Duke Basketball: Schedule| Score| Stats| Record

Latest 2018-19

Oct. 23 Virginia Union (Ex) 7:00pm W 106-64 RJ Barrett
Oct. 27 Ferris State (Ex) 4:00pm W 132-48 RJ Barrett
Nov. 6 Kentucky 9:30pm W 118-84 RJ Barrett
Nov. 11 Army 1:00pm W 94-72 Zion Williamson
Nov. 14 Eastern Michigan 7:00pm W 84-46 Zion Williamson
Nov. 19 San Diego St. 5:00pm W 90-64 RJ Barrett
Nov. 20 Auburn 8:00pm W 78-72 RJ Barrett
Nov. 21 Gonzaga 5:00pm L 87-89 Zion Williamson
Nov. 27 Indiana 9:30pm W 90-69 Zion Willamson
Dec. 1 Stetson 7:00pm W 113-49 RJ Barrett
Dec. 5 Hartford 7:00pm W 84-54 RJ Barrett
Dec. 8 Yale 5:30pm W 91-58 RJ Barrett
Dec. 18 Princeton 6:00pm W 101-50 RJ Barrett
Dec. 20 Texas Tech 7:00pm W 69-58 Tre Jones
Jan. 5 Clemson 8:00pm W 87-68 Zion Williamson
Jan. 8 Wake Forest 7:00pm W 87-65 Zion Williamson
Jan. 12 Florida St. 2:00pm W 80-78 Cam Reddish
Jan. 14 Syracuse 7:00pm ESPN
Jan. 19 Virginia 6:00pm ESPN
Jan. 22 Pittsburgh 9:00pm ESPN or ESPNU
Jan. 26 Georgia Tech 12:00pm Raycom
Jan. 28 Notre Dame 7:00pm ESPN
Feb. 2 St. John’s 12:00pm ESPN
Feb. 5 Boston College 7:00pm ESPN or ESPN2
Feb. 9 Virginia 6:00pm ESPN or ESPN2
Feb. 12 Louisville 9:00pm ESPN or ESPN2
Feb. 16 NC State TBA ESPN or ESPN2
Feb. 20 North Carolina 9:00pm ESPN or Raycom
Feb. 23 Syracuse TBA ESPN or ESPN2
Feb. 26 Virgina Tech TBA ESPN or Raycom
Mar. 2 Miami 4:00pm CBS
Mar. 5 Wake Forest 7:00pm ESPN or ESPN2
Mar. 9 North Carolina TBA ESPN

Score & Stats

95 – 91

Duke Basketball: Schedule| Score| Stats| Record

  1. Zion Williamson is Duke’s most promising NBA talent RJ Barrett is its most prolific scorer.
  2. Cam Reddish is its enigma X-Factor. But after the Duke’s amazing 95-91 overtime, Stoke for Syracuse proved that the roster, another new player on point guard Tray Jones, could be the most important player for Blue Devils and this season will be the national title for him. Can follow
  3. Jones left Monday’s game against Orange in just 5 minutes and 35 seconds and did not return to the competition, suffering from shoulder injury, which kept him out for the remaining 40 minutes and change.
  4. Yet this was what he had not done, how Duke responded without him – as opposed to what he did and how the Duke played with him – this thing was very loud.
  5. When he was in court, the Duke quickly started 12-0, and when he left, it was 14-6. According to all the accounts, Duke was in control and yet another ACC is on the verge of blowing to open the door for victory.
  6. His face on defense was shaking your pressure Syracuse and Orange could not handle only the pressure that he was implementing.
  7. In the small stent he was available, he rotated the ball three times and watched the jumbo and got out on the ground.


  1. Without Jones, however, the defense of the Duke was resolved without. It was Duke of Old – Duke of Grayen Allen and Brandon Ingram, Duke of Jabber Parker and Rashid Suleiman.
  2. It was Duke who had to put out his opponent and could not trust his defense to lead this way.
  3. It was Duke who had to beat Syracuse on the floor of his house on Monday night in January, but one that could not do it eventually.
  4. The injury of the tray is the shoulder sprain, “said Duke coach Mike Craigsky.” There is no break.
  5. She was in a lot of pain … she is the hardest child. They said, ‘I do not know if my collarbone has broken or not,’ it was hurting badly. But this is the sprain. “
  6. There is no timetable about his return yet, but the coach said he hoped he would stay out for a while.
  7. For a team that is unusually dependent on that unit (the Duke gave a rating of 3 in defensive adjusted efficiency at Kenpom on Monday and surrendered only 65.1, which was at 35th place nationally), Jones The injury was a big one.


  1. It forced the Duke to read on the fly, and without his most stingy guard on the perimeter, to determine whether he himself.
  2. Syracuse played a near-lossless game to win the top-ranked team in the US.
  3. Tys Battle scored 32 points and Elijah Hughes added 20 – in which the first half included an incredible 70-foot buzzer-butter.
  4. It seemed completely and completely unaffected by the most talented team in the game, which is not a small achievement in itself, but Cameron earns points for influencing at the indoor stadium, your neck with fans And the color of the chest flowing and flowing.
  5. The credit for Duke and its healthy stars, which kept this interesting interesting, though.
  6. Sion Williamson set a new career-high (again) with 35 points on 12 of the 20 shootings, and added 10 rebounds, 4 blocks and a theft. RJ Barrett, in large numbers, got 23 points and received 16 rebounds.
  7. But his inability to shoot 8 out of 30 – including 4 points out of 17 from long distance – will do nothing to remove the notion that he is putting a bus with a high amount of high quantity.
  8. At the beginning of all Duke, however, it was clear that Jones’s absence was the most affected by Barrett.

Jones defense

  1. Jones is more than a defensive clapper – it doubles as a set-up boy for the other Duke stars, and for Barrett, which shoots most often, it seems that he might be most affected is.
  2. And depending on the initial diagnosis of the condition of the coach, he may be affected for the longest.
  3. If Jones can not come back, then there is no viable replacement for the Duke’s roster.
  4. Jordan Goldwire is 7.65 minutes per game player’s career, shot shot of off-the-counter, Barrett is best with the ball, and no Jones is defensively in the same stratosphere.
  5. The Duke will need to survive only till he can not get back and hopes that other pieces can move in big roles.
  6. Or worse, it may need to win like an old duke.
  7. As the initial results are found, this can not be the best long-term solution for the Blue Devils team, after having hit their progress, has been cut on knees and may need to be recreated on the fly.

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Duke Basketball: Schedule| Score| Stats| Record

All-Time Points Leaders

1 J.J. Redick 2769
2 Johnny Dawkins 2556
3 Christian Laettner 2460
4 Kyle Singler 2392
5 Mike Gminski 2323
6 Danny Ferry 2155
7 Mark Alarie 2136
8t Gene Banks 2079
8t Jason Williams 2079
10 Jon Scheyer 2077

All-Time Rebounds Leaders

1 Shelden Williams 1262
2 Mike Gminski 1242
3 Christian Laettner 1149
4 Mason Plumlee 1085
5 Randy Denton 1067
6 Mike Lewis 1051
7 Kyle Singler 1015
8 Danny Ferry 1003
9 Gene Banks 985
10 Ronnie Mayer 954

All-Time Assists Leaders

1 Bobby Hurley 1076
2 Chris Duhon 819
3 Tommy Amaker 708
4 Jason Williams 644
5 Quin Snyder 575
6 Johnny Dawkins 555
7 Quinn Cook 509
8 Danny Ferry 506
9 Steve Wojciechowski 505
10 Grant Hill 461

All-Time Blocks Leaders

1 Shelden Williams 422
2 Mike Gminski 345
3 Cherokee Parks 231
4 Mason Plumlee 199
5 Shane Battier 166
6 Chrisitan Laettner 148
7 Amile Jefferson 137
8t Grant Hill 133
8t Ryan Kelly 133
10 Chris Carrawell 114

All-Time Steals Leaders

1 Chris Duhon 300
2 Shane Battier 266
3 Tommy Amaker 259
4 Christian Laettner 243
5 Jason Williams 235
6 Grant Hill 218
7 Jon Scheyer 208
8 Steve Wojciechowski 203
9 Bobby Hurley 202
10t Sean Dockery 194
10t Thomas Hill 194

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