Cavaliers vs Lakers: Score| Stats| Schedule| Tickets

Cavaliers vs Lakers is a great teams of Basketball. Both the teams play good basketball. Today I want to share with you a match between two teams. Let’s discuss about Cavaliers vs Lakers: Score| Stats| Schedule| Tickets

Cavaliers vs Lakers: Score| Stats| Schedule| Tickets

Score| Stats

95 – 101

Cavaliers vs Lakers: Score| Stats| Schedule| Tickets

Lakers 95

Cavailers 101

Now in lineup, without LeBron James 3-6, the Lakers have real issues with keeping the ball through the hoop.

  • Fresh, Lakers escaped for the first time in a month for the first time in the rescue of Utah Jazz.
  • With just 95 points on the 35.9 percent shot from the ground and 18.5 percent of the three, Los Angeles’s guilt clearly – and as expected – in the loss of 113-95, the skid on the road against the second best defense in the league done.
  • Without LeBron James, the team’s struggle to generate points on this recent stretch is making the biggest culprit for the six defeats in the last 9 games.
  • Since December 27, the first game to be played without James and backup point guard Razon Rondo, the Lakers are only scoring at a score of 100.6 per 100, during that time only for the worst offensive rating in the league, with only Memphis Is behind
  • Fortunately for the Lakers, a home matchup of the league’s worst defense can only be ordered by the doctor.
  • Cleveland will enter the Staples Center with a defensive defensive rating of 118.3, and Cavaliers has also lost its last 12 games consistently.
  • The former team of James is also dead in the league standings, but the organization has the possibility that it is looking at an endless loop of a Zion Williamson sting reels to fill its free time.
  • If further advances against Claireland, the Lakers need to return one thing – again the breaks are starting to get out.
  • Utah did a great job in dictating tempo against Los Angeles and humming, limiting its transition games by fouling the initial leak-out man before coming to the rim.
  • Lakers can not just allow this tendency to continue if they want to get success without James and want to come back to the winning column.
  • Pushing the tempo and attacking in the initial infection is probably the optimal route for the team, as it is currently made, but if one has been caught in the fate of another semi-court, then he should have a better fortune against the Cavaliers.

Cavaliers vs Lakers: Score| Stats| Schedule| Tickets

  • Because they allow the maximum number of points per 100 semi-court in the league according to the cleaning of glass.
  • The team will again be without James and Rondo when they are at home, but due to a hand injury in the fourth quarter, Michael Besley can miss the scoring punch from the bench.
  • Post-game X-ray fortunately came back negatively to the versatile forward, but their status for Sunday’s competition is still unknown (although he was the full partner in the practice on Saturday).
  • Having received an average score of 16 points (58.8 percent from the field) in his last three matches, Besley had his best stretch in the form of a lacquer after returning to his team after his mother passed.
  • Despite Cleveland’s current standing and playing, the Lakers – as they learned from their losses to knicks – should not take anyone lightly without James.
  • Cavaliers took Los Angeles under the wire in their last meeting, and must starve to harm James’s new team.
  • After Cleveland, the Lakers will face another weakening squad in Chicago Bulls before moving to a cruel stretch against Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and Golden State.
  • If they want to keep pace in the tightly tied West Conference, then they need to take advantage of these next few games starting on Sunday.
  • Lovers will look at the cavaliers at 6:30. PST on Spectrum Sportsnet.

Schedule & Tickets

Cavaliers vs Lakers: Score| Stats| Schedule| Tickets


@ Boston CelticsTuesday, October 02 2018win 102-95coverage
Boston CelticsSaturday, October 06 2018win 113-102coverage
Indiana PacersMonday, October 08 2018loss 102-111coverage
Detroit PistonsFriday, October 12 2018loss 110-129coverage


@ Toronto RaptorsWednesday, October 17 2018loss 104-116coverage
@ Minnesota TimberwolvesFriday, October 19 2018loss 123-131coverage
Atlanta HawksSunday, October 21 2018loss 111-133coverage
Brooklyn NetsWednesday, October 24 2018loss 86-102coverage
@ Detroit PistonsThursday, October 25 2018loss 103-110coverage
Indiana PacersSaturday, October 27 2018loss 107-119coverage
Atlanta HawksTuesday, October 30 2018win 136-114coverage
Denver NuggetsThursday, November 01 2018loss 91-110coverage
@ Charlotte HornetsSaturday, November 03 2018loss 94-126coverage
@ Orlando MagicMonday, November 05 2018loss 100-102coverage
Oklahoma City ThunderWednesday, November 07 2018loss 86-95coverage
@ Chicago BullsSaturday, November 10 2018loss 98-99coverage
Charlotte HornetsTuesday, November 13 2018win 113-89coverage
@ Washington WizardsWednesday, November 14 2018loss 95-119coverage
@ Detroit PistonsMonday, November 19 2018loss 102-113coverage
Los Angeles LakersWednesday, November 21 2018loss 105-109coverage
@ Philadelphia 76ersFriday, November 23 2018win 121-112coverage
Houston RocketsSaturday, November 24 2018win 117-108coverage
Minnesota TimberwolvesMonday, November 26 2018loss 95-102coverage
@ Oklahoma City ThunderWednesday, November 28 2018loss 83-100coverage
@ Boston CelticsFriday, November 30 2018loss 95-128coverage
Toronto RaptorsSaturday, December 01 2018loss 95-106coverage
@ Brooklyn NetsMonday, December 03 2018win 99-97coverage
Golden State WarriorsWednesday, December 05 2018loss 105-129coverage
Sacramento KingsFriday, December 07 2018loss 110-129coverage
Washington WizardsSaturday, December 08 2018win 116-101coverage
@ Milwaukee BucksMonday, December 10 2018loss 92-108coverage
New York KnicksWednesday, December 12 2018win 113-106coverage
Milwaukee BucksFriday, December 14 2018loss 102-114coverage
Philadelphia 76ersSunday, December 16 2018loss 105-128coverage
@ Indiana PacersTuesday, December 18 2018win 92-91coverage
@ Charlotte HornetsWednesday, December 19 2018loss 99-110coverage
@ Toronto RaptorsFriday, December 21 2018loss 110-126coverage
Chicago BullsSunday, December 23 2018loss 92-112coverage
@ Memphis GrizzliesWednesday, December 26 2018loss 87-95coverage
@ Miami HeatFriday, December 28 2018loss 94-118coverage
@ Atlanta HawksSaturday, December 29 2018loss 108-111coverage
Miami HeatWednesday, January 02 2019loss 92-117coverage
Utah JazzFriday, January 04 2019loss 91-117coverage
New Orleans PelicansSaturday, January 05 2019loss 98-133coverage
Indiana PacersTuesday, January 08 2019loss 115-123coverage
@ New Orleans PelicansWednesday, January 09 2019loss 124-140coverage
@ Houston RocketsFriday, January 11 2019loss 113-141coverage
@ Los Angeles LakersSunday, January 13 2019win 101-95coverage
@ Portland Trail BlazersWednesday, January 16 201910:00 PM ESTcoverage1,246 tickets available from $9
@ Utah JazzFriday, January 18 20199:00 PM ESTcoverage584 tickets available from $29
@ Denver NuggetsSaturday, January 19 201910:00 PM ESTcoverage1,327 tickets available from $35
Chicago BullsMonday, January 21 20191:00 PM ESTcoverage891 tickets available from $9
@ Boston CelticsWednesday, January 23 20197:30 PM ESTcoverage3,156 tickets available from $41
Miami HeatFriday, January 25 20197:30 PM ESTcoverage856 tickets available from $16
@ Chicago BullsSunday, January 27 20193:30 PM ESTcoverage2,534 tickets available from $31
Washington WizardsTuesday, January 29 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage1,340 tickets available from $9
Dallas MavericksSaturday, February 02 20197:30 PM ESTcoverage693 tickets available from $23
Boston CelticsTuesday, February 05 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage1,367 tickets available from $19
@ Washington WizardsFriday, February 08 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage2,924 tickets available from $9
@ Indiana PacersSaturday, February 09 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage1,151 tickets available from $32
New York KnicksMonday, February 11 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage1,514 tickets available from $9
Brooklyn NetsWednesday, February 13 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage1,633 tickets available from $9
Phoenix SunsThursday, February 21 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage1,546 tickets available from $9
Memphis GrizzliesSaturday, February 23 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage1,246 tickets available from $13
Portland Trail BlazersMonday, February 25 20197:00 PM ESTcoverage1,449 tickets available from $9
@ New York KnicksThursday, February 28 20197:30 PM ESTcoverage2,728 tickets available from $62
Detroit PistonsSaturday, March 02 20195:00 PM ESTcoverage1,447 tickets available from $22
Orlando MagicSunday, March 03 20196:00 PM ESTcoverage1,518 tickets available from $9
@ Brooklyn NetsWednesday, March 06 20197:30 PM ESTcoverage2,165 tickets available from $31
@ Miami HeatFriday, March 08 20198:00 PM ESTcoverage4,509 tickets available from $27
Toronto RaptorsMonday, March 11 20197:00 PM EDTcoverage1,536 tickets available from $11
@ Philadelphia 76ersTuesday, March 12 20197:00 PM EDTcoverage3,702 tickets available from $23
@ Orlando MagicThursday, March 14 20197:00 PM EDTcoverage1,479 tickets available from $16
@ Dallas MavericksSaturday, March 16 20198:30 PM EDTcoverage1,510 tickets available from $22
Detroit PistonsMonday, March 18 20197:00 PM EDTcoverage1,614 tickets available from $9
Milwaukee BucksWednesday, March 20 20197:00 PM EDTcoverage1,572 tickets available from $9
Los Angeles ClippersFriday, March 22 20197:30 PM EDTcoverage1,477 tickets aailable from $12
@ Milwaukee BucksSunday, March 24 20194:30 PM EDTcoverage1,264 tickets available from $49
Boston CelticsTuesday, March 26 20197:00 PM EDTcoverage1,636 tickets available from $17
@ San Antonio SpursThursday, March 28 20198:30 PM EDTcoverage1,465 tickets available from $166
@ Los Angeles ClippersSaturday, March 30 20193:30 PM EDTcoverage2,575 tickets available from $19
@ Phoenix SunsMonday, April 01 201910:00 PM EDTcoverage1,238 tickets available from $13
@ Sacramento KingsThursday, April 04 201910:00 PM EDTcoverage765 tickets available from $16
@ Golden State WarriorsFriday, April 05 201910:30 PM EDTcoverage2,173 tickets available from $86
San Antonio SpursSunday, April 07 20193:00 PM EDTcoverage1,543 tickets available from $15
Charlotte HornetsTuesday, April 09 2019

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