Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result

Today I want to tell you the information about the match of Cavaliers vs Heat. This two teams are more powerful teams of Basketball in the world. Let’s start the discussion of Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result

Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result

Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result

2018-19 Season vs Cleveland

Cavaliers vs HEAT
Dec. 28, 2018
WIN: 118-94

  • From the beginning to the end, Justus Winslow made his way into the bucket and either played the play himself or fed some of his fellow feeds.
  • As such, Winslow recorded the game high with 11 points, shooting 11, and 24 points on seven assistants.

2017-18 Season vs Cleveland

Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result

Cavaliers vs HEAT
March 27, 2018
WIN: 98-79

  • From the beginning you can tell that James Johnson was ready for this matchup.
  • How so? Well, after recovering well from the King’s initial step, he came in less than two minutes from the game, taking a good block on LeBron James.
  • As the game progressed, Johnson limited LBJ and also made life completely miserable for you.
  • In the aggressive end, Johnson was always aggressive and in the third quarter there was an impressive ending up on James. Talk about accepting the challenge.
  • Overall, Johnson achieved 15 points at 7-11 shooting, nine boards, five assists, three blocks, two theft and one plus-16 rating.

HEAT vs Cavaliers
Jan. 31, 2018
LOSS: 91-89

Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result


  • Although it was not the most beautiful of basketball, Josh Richardson took everything down to help Miami.
  • In fact, he led the team with a nine-digit 4 -6 -6 shootout in the fourth, which included a smart post-up on Isaiah Thomas and a hard finish on Joe Crowder.
  • Richardson finished with 7 points-shooting, three boards, two assists and 15 points on two blocks.

HEAT vs Cavaliers
Nov. 28, 2017
LOSS: 108-97

  • Although Bam Adebayo did not play in seven out of nine matches before Tuesday, it was obvious that he was ready.
  • From that moment he checked in the game, the badass has made an impact.
  • Adebayo scored a career-high 19 points on a perfect 7 -7 shoot to go with six boards, two assist, one block and one plus-13 rating.

2016-17 Season vs Cleveland

Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result

Cavaliers vs HEAT
April 10, 2017
WIN: 124-121 (OT)

  • Throughout the season, Tyler Johnson has shown that he will do whatever he does to win.
  • It was on full performance against the Cavaliers, especially in overtime.
  • In fact, the 24-year-old hit throws four clutch free, in which there is an eight-point overtime period of less than 30 seconds.
  • Prior to this, Johnson provided a good spark in the first half for the balanced attack of the catch-and-shoot jumps and the bucket to drive the bike.
  • In addition to his team-high 24 points on 7-12 There were five boards, four assistants and one plus -15 ratings in the combo guards, including shooting 3-6, from the city.

HEAT vs Cavaliers
Mar. 6, 2017
WIN: 106-98

Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result

  • Hot starts and then begins on Monday night with the start of the witch waiter.
  • Thanks to the drive to the hoop, the pull-up mid-range jumps and spot-up thruts, the speedy guards made 24 points on 10 -12-12 shooting in the first half.
  • While he was very good, the waiter defeated Miami with a duck outside 32-feet, remaining 12.2 seconds in the game and beat 106-98.
  • In essence, this was another fantastic performance from the 25-year-old. Apart from this, 24 out of 12, its 29 points.
  •  Shooting, which included 5 to 9 deep, the waiter had five assistants, two boards and one block too.

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Cavaliers vs HEAT
Mar. 4, 2017
WIN: 120-92

  • In essence, Goran Dragick started the competition fast and never looked back.
  • After hitting his first three shots on the field, the Slovenian continued to pressure Cleveland for the second half to ensure that Miami continued to keep ahead.
  • From the attacks of infection to 3-pointers, in a very important game in the Dragic, there was a complete list of performances on display.
  • In addition to his 23 points on the 9 -12 shootout, apart from the distance 4-5, the point guard also extended three boards and one team-high five assists.

HEAT vs Cavaliers
Dec. 9, 2016
LOSS: 114-84

  • Because there were only eight available players in Miami, someone had to step up. He was someone Derrick Williams, who was very aggressive against the Cavaliers.
  • During the competition, Williams attacked the basket and came in with some nifty finish inside.
  • Apart from Season-High 17 points on 6-of-10 shooting, Williams assisted in two theft, one rebound and one night.

2015-16 Season vs Cleveland

Cavaliers vs Heat: Match Sessions 2015-2018| Stats| Match Result

Cavaliers vs HEAT
March 19, 2016
WIN: 122-101

  • While Dwayne Wade had the first half concrete time, he was actually making a meal in the third quarter.
  • The veterinarian was closed in the third only for good measure with rim, difficult mid-range jumps and even tip.
  • Of course, he crossed the 20,000 mark mark with a good floter with a transition of 10:21 to go into the quarters.
  • After that field goal, it seemed that Wade flipped a switch to kick in the second gear, because he scored 9 out of 7 on his 24th in the third His 24 points, 34-year-old also stole four boards, four assists and night.
  • As a result of Wade’s milestone, the crowd gave him many well-standing ovulation. Quite simply, it was actually a special moment for a particular player.

Cavaliers vs HEAT
Dec. 5, 2015
WIN: 99-84

  • After his best performance on Thursday night, Goran Draciq picked up exactly where he left off.
  • Point guard went completely out against the Cavaliers on the gate and provided 10 points and four assists alone in the first quarter.
  • The draggie hit all its shots in the early stages, but also set up very good companions.
  • When he found the boundary from the periphery, he also had some hard work inside, which included Timofai Mogov in the second quarter.
  •  In short, there was a complete list of performances on his performance and he remained warm throughout the game.
  • The dragon ended the game with 17 points in 7-of-11 shootings and provided a game-high eight support.
  • As a whole, HEAT displayed a good ball movement against Cleveland and received 21 assists on 37 field field goals, which led to he shot 54.4 percent overnight.
  • As a result, five Miami players reached double figures in scoring.

HEAT vs Cavaliers
Oct. 30, 2015
LOSS: 102-92

  • After a slow start from the field, Dwayne Wade began to go late in the first half. By the end of the second quarter, he Smith started taking advantage of the matchup.
  • As a result, Wade changed many fouls and became a free-throw line.
  • Wade entered the third quarter, where he scored eight out of 25 points and made an explosive sting.
  • Luol Deng also had a strong performance against Cleveland and had 10 points, six board- and two assists.

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