Broncos vs Raiders: Score| Result| Highlights

The Broncos-Raiders Rivalry is a rivalry between the AFC West Division of the National Football League between Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders. Since the American Football League was founded in 1960, Broncos and Raiders have shared the same division, since the AFL Western Conference and AFL-NFL merger, AFC West. Today we will discuss about Broncos vs Raiders: Score| Result| Highlights

Broncos vs Raiders: Score| Result| Highlights

Broncos vs Raiders: Score| Result| Highlights


  1. The Raiders have probably won their last game, with a balanced 27-14 win over Broncos in the Oakland Coliseum. The SN provided live updates from “Monday Night Football”.
  2. If it was the last domestic game of the Raiders in the Oakland Coliseum, then they went on a high note.
  3. With this report, the Raiders gave one of their most complete games of the season, before the team goes to Las Vegas next year in 2019.
  4. He made an edge in the first quarter and did not look back after defeating Broncos 27-14 in the third and fourth positions of AFC West.
  5. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the rescue of Oakland, who gave the maximum number of points (29.9) per game in the NFL on Monday.
  6. Not only to the second half, it was not far from Denver’s scoreboard, but in the fourth quarter, it also forced two interceptions of case Keenam which sealed the game.
  7. Raiders’ run defense also affected, with five different Bronkos ball carriers getting only 100 yards distance.
  8. Derek Care (167 yards away) and Doug Martin (107 yards, Touchdown) led a balanced offensive attack, and the victory of Dwayne Harris was a 99-yard punt return for a touchdown.
  9. Oakland will close its season against the heads next week, while the Bronchos Chargers season goes for sweep.
  10. Sporting News provided live updates of Broncos vs. Raiders, which was the last “Monday Night Football” game of the season.

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Score| Result| Highlights

Broncos: 14
Raiders: 27

Final: Riders 27, Broncos 14

Broncos vs Raiders: Score| Result| Highlights

  • 11:14 a.m. Dog Martin will be in the form of powers for the first time and the victory of Oakland.
  • 11:09 p.m .: INTERCEPTION, Raiders The oakland’s last-gap effort to come back into the game decreases, because Keinam has been stopped by Eric Harris at the fourth position.
  • 11:03 p.m .: FIELD GOAL, Raiders Oakland fails to move the ball after the difference, but the position of the strong field allows Daniel Carlson to make a field goal. Raiders 27, Broncos 14
  • 10:59 p.m .: INTERCEPTION, Raiders Keenam’s pass is too much for his intended goal and it is chosen by Marcus Gilchrist.
  • 10:56 p.m .: Ultra Orthodox Playcollection by Raiders, who run it three times and get five total yards. Denver will get a chance to cut the losses in one occupation.
  • 10:48 pm: TOUCHDOWN, BRONCOS. Keenam manipers away from the defenders and finds Cortland Sutton in the end area before stepping in to the court line. Qinam has now completed nine out of his last 10 passes. John Gruden decided to throw his challenge flag even though the play was reviewed. Raiders 24, Broncos 14


  • 10:39 pm: Broadcast has announced that Lindsay will miss the remainder of the game with an injury.
  • 10:34 am: TUCHDOWN, Raiders. Jolson Richard, who ran the second-string, made his way to the end area and the Raiders led up to three properties. Raiders 24, Broncos 7
  • 10:33 pm: Now this Martin is once again protecting the attackers. He raises 14 yards away and reaches within 10.
  • 10:27 am: Carr and Raiders are making their way into the scoring area. Quarterback is tied to Jordan Nelson with his last two passes.
  • 10:18 am: TOUCHDOWN, BRONCOS. After a few plays keeping the drive alive with its first down run, Keenam hit Dysen Hamilton for a 7-yard touchdown pass and the Broncos finally climbed on the board. Raiders 17, Broncos 7
  • 10:15 am: Keanan avoided a sack in Backfield and then sat down for 17 yards and on his feet to get down in the Oakland area for a long time.
  • 10:05 p.m .: Both teams are moderately successful to carry the ball on their first half drive, but it is a punt for both sides.

Halftime: Raiders 17, Broncos 0

Broncos vs Raiders: Score| Result| Highlights

  • 9:39 pm: There is a 58-yard effort for a kickoff and Brandon McManus outside the border near Cortland Sutton, but it does not matter.
  • 9:34 p.m .: FIELD GOAL, Raiders Daniel Carlsson knocks in the 43-yard field goal after near the Carr in the end area. This is the first time this season that the Raiders have scored more than 14 in the first half. Raiders 17, Broncos 0
  • 9:27 pm: Doug Martin is doing what he could do before the end of half of the lead in the lead of the Raiders. He emits 11 yards for the warning of two yards for the 39-yard line of Broncos.
  • 9:17 am: Five drives to launch the game, five punch to Broncos, five drives.
  • 9:09 p.m .: TUCHDOWN, Raiders. A big hole in the bronchos defense allows Doug Martin to waltz in the untouched end area from a distance of 24 yards. Raiders 14, Broncos 0
  • 9:08 p.m .: Suddenly the Raiders is rolling the offense. He picked up the ball on the 30-yard line before the third occupation, at the bottom, all around, and the bronchos.
  • 9:02 p.m .: The raiders get the first bottom of the game in the second quarter when the 12-yard finish for Jordan Nelson with Derek Car.

first quarter End : Raiders 7, Broncos 0

  • 8:55 pm: For Broncos, there is no delay in this game on the fourth and the 1s, because the riders show an option pitch, but Lindsay raises it and runs it down anyway first.
  • 8:52 p.m .: The first major offensive game of the game, Case Kennam, seems to be 47-yard deep ball for Kortland Sutton, but on a challenge of the Raiders, it is determined that the ball collided with the ground and was incomplete.
  • 8:46 p.m .: Fourth and 1 of Broncos had plans to go for it, but delay in the game pushed them back and headed towards a punt. Three drives, three penalty for the road team.
  • 8:42 p.m .: Lindsay takes 11 yards away and crosses 1,000-yard markers in your rookie season.
  • 8:37 pm: After another punt by Denver, Oakland finally seizes crime, but its quick and three-out
  • 8:22 pm: Touchdown, Raiders. Dwayne Harris’s payment of risk stops, because he raises that punt which was trying to pin inside the bronchos five and takes it to the final field for a touchdown. Raiders 7, Broncos 0
  • 8:21 pm: Broncos gets a third down conversion on their initial drive, but a holding penalties put them in a hole, which they could not climb out and forced to paint them.
  • 8:06 pm: Defensive stud von Miller is bringing his team into the right mindset for the Monday night game.

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