Bodysurfing: Meaning| Handplane| Gear & Fins|Bodyboard

To dodge a wave well, you need to take half of your body out of the water while walking. Today we will discuss about Bodysurfing: Meaning| Handplane| Gear & Fins|Bodyboard

Bodysurfing: Meaning| Handplane| Gear & Fins|Bodyboard


  • Bodysurfing is the art and sport of riding a wave without the aid of any equipment such as a surfboard or bodyboard.
  • Bodysurfing is both aerobic and anaerobic, as it involves long-term sustained physical effort.


Bodysurfing: Meaning| Handplane| Gear & Fins|Bodyboard

  1. Stumbling with great ease due to something in the hands of a handful of people riding the waves recently, we felt that a handpump could be a potential addition to our divers.
  2. This stripped-down form of wave riding embraces simplicity and helps connect you to the purest stoke.
  3. Handplanning, an upgrade to bodysurfing, ensures that you can get even more out of your surf sessions by providing longer rides to your cleaner, making it easier for you to line up, easily change direction And if convinced can also try a barrel roll.

Why Use A Handplane?

  • Increased speed: make that section, pull in the barrel and pile
  • Pulling out water means less drag
  • Wave is increased, leading to fewer missed waves

Puts a smile on your dial!

Gear & Fins

Gear and Fins are optional and very easy to bring in a wave. However, if you are handboarding in shore breaks, sometimes it is easy to leave wings on the beach.

When you are learning how bodysurf stays close to shore, you will be able to launch into the wave by pushing from the ocean floor. You can be fined while you are nearby.

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Bodysurfing: Meaning| Handplane| Gear & Fins|Bodyboard

  1. Bodyboards are mostly made of wood, if not all. Handplanes have the DIYer in mind, and are made by hand.
  2. Types of wood used: paulovina, red oak, cedar wood, marine ply to name a few.
  3. Wood Seal: polyurethan, mineral oil, flaxseed oil, tung oil, resin
  4. The bodyboards complement the underground lifestyles of core surf and skateboard enthusiasts.
  5. From seductive screen printed graphic designs, all black carbon fiber boards, to glow in the dark bodyboards, Slyde considers it to be the line of bodyboards as both innovative and design-driven wave candy.
  6. The bodyboard is classified as a performance driven board sport with surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard.


The handboards are performance driven, sleek, lightweight, rear for speed and designed.

Bodysurfing: Meaning| Handplane| Gear & Fins|Bodyboard

  • The handboard has more buoyancy than the handboard due to the foam core.
  • The boom allows you more lift, less drag, while allowing you more control of the wave. The carving, the stall, you name it a handboard, will let you return it without a splatter.
  • It is not uncommon to generate enough momentum with the handboard to round a section of the wave or to be barbelled.

How to Body surf using a Handboard?

Body surfing is one thing but using a handboard or handboard while bodysurfing is another thing. It is not difficult, but as you will know there are some tips and tricks to get your technique right and this is the place to find them

  1. Using of Hand board 
  2. Using of fins 
  3. Wearing a wetsuit

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