Basketball in Ukraine: Introduction| 2018-2019 Season| Champions| Awards

Basketball is one of the top games of the world. Basketball is a team sport in which two teams, each of which usually consists of five players, each other, opposing each other on a rectangular court, competing with the primary purpose of shooting basketball through Defender’s hoop , While the opposing team prevents them from shooting through their own goals. Today we will discuss about Basketball in Ukraine: Introduction| 2018-2019 Season| Champions| Awards

Basketball in Ukraine: Introduction| 2018-2019 Season| Champions| Awards

Basketball in Ukraine: Introduction| 2018-2019 Season| Champions| Awards


Ukrainian Basketball Superlig (USL) is the first level of professional basketball league in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Basketball SuperLeague
Founded 1992; 27 years ago
First season 1992–93
Country  Ukraine
Confederation FIBA Europe
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Ukrainian Higher League
Current champions Cherkaski Mavpy (1st title)
Most championships Budivelnyk (10 titles)

2018-2019 Season

Eight teams joined the competition. Budivelnyk and BIPA Odessa were replaced by Kiev-baskets and Odessa respectively.

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Basketball in Ukraine: Introduction| 2018-2019 Season| Champions| Awards

Team City
Cherkaski Mavpy Cherkasy
Dnipro Dnipro
Khimik Yuzhne
Kyiv-Basket Kyiv
Mykolaiv Mykolaiv
Odesa Odesa
Politekhnik Kharkiv
Zaporizhya Zaporizhia


Year Winner Runners-up Final score Third place
1992 Budivelnyk NKI Mykolaiv Round-robin Spartak Lugansk
1992–93 Budivelnyk SKA Kyiv Round-robin NKI Mykolaiv
1993–94 Budivelnyk Kyiv-Basket 3–0 Bipa-Moda Odesa
1994–95 Budivelnyk Kyiv-Basket 3–0 Shakhtar-ASKO Donetsk
1995–96 Budivelnyk Shakhtar Donetsk Round-robin Kyiv-Basket
1996–97 Budivelnyk BIPA-Moda Odesa 3–2 Kyiv-Basket
1997–98 BIPA-Moda Odesa Budivelnyk 3–0 SC Mykolaiv
1998–99 BIPA-Moda Odesa CSKA-RIKO Kyiv 3–2 Budivelnyk
1999–00 Kyiv MBC Odesa 3–2 CSKA-Ukrtatnafta Kyiv
2000–01 MBC Odesa Kyiv 3–2 Azovmash
2001–02 MBC Odesa Kyiv 3–2 Azovmash
2002–03 Azovmash MBC Odesa 4–0 Kyiv
2003–04 Azovmash Kyiv 4–2 MBC Odesa
2004–05 Kyiv Azovmash 3–0 Khimik
2005–06 Azovmash Kyiv 3–1 Khimik
2006–07 Azovmash Kyiv 3–2 Khimik
2007–08 Azovmash Kyiv 3–1 Khimik
2008–09* Azovmash Donetsk 3–0 Khimik
2008–09* Kryvbasbasket Budivelnyk 3–2 Politekhnika-Halychyna
2009–10 Azovmash Budivelnyk 3–2 Ferro-ZNTU
2010–11 Budivelnyk Donetsk 4–3 Hoverla
2011–12 Donetsk Azovmash 4–0 Ferro-ZNTU
2012–13 Budivelnyk Azovmash 4–3 Ferro-ZNTU
2013–14 Budivelnyk Khimik 3–1 Azovmash
2014–15 Khimik Dnipro 3–0 Budivelnyk
2015–16* Khimik Dynamo 3–1 Kryvbas
2015–16* Dnipro Budivelnyk 3–0 Politekhnika-Halychyna
2016–17 Budivelnyk Khimik 3–1 Dnipro
2017–18 Cherkaski Mavpy Dnipro 3–0 Khimik


Year Player Team
2008–09 Georgia (country) Manuchar Markoishvili Kyiv
2009–10 United States Charles Thomas Ferro-ZNTU
2010–11 United States Ramel Curry Azovmash
2011–12 United States Ramel Curry Donetsk
2012–13 United States Malcolm Delaney Budivelnyk
2013–14 Lithuania Darjuš Lavrinovič Budivelnyk
2014–15 United States Derek Needham[3] Khimik
2015–16 Ukraine Dmytro Glebov[4] Kryvbas
2016–17 United States Henry Dugat[5] Budivelnyk
2017–18 Ukraine Oleksandr Kolchenko[6] Cherkaski Mavpy

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