Basket Ball-History|Rules|Regulations|Fundamental Skills|Terminology

The strength of the team is an individual member. Without team members the team is incomplete.In this article, we shall discuss about the game of Basket Ball-History|Rules|Regulations|Fundamental Skills|Terminology

 Basket Ball-History|Rules|Regulations|Fundamental Skills|Terminology


Basket Ball-History|Rules|Regulations|Fundamental Skills|Terminology

we shall discuss about the game of Basket Ball-History|Rules|Regulations|Fundamental Skills|Terminology

History of the Game:

This game was invented in the year 1891 by James A. Naismith. Basketball is a fast-paced, highly technical ball sport, whereby two teams of Five player attempt to score points in the opposite side’s basket. It is popular in the United States of America. Basketball has been included in the Olympic games since 1976. India has picked up this game very slowly.The standard of Indian players as compared to international standards are low at the court.This game is popular among tall individual as they gain a height advantage.

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Rules and Regulations of the Game:

1. These are awarded for any field goal scored from inside the 3-point line.

2. A player who scores a field goal from anywhere outside this line earns 3 points.

3. While his team is in control of the ball, a player shall not remain for more than three consecutive seconds in the opponent’s restricted area.

4. The lines bounding the restricted area are part of the restricted area and a player touching one of these lines is in the area.

5. Allowance must be made for a player who, having been in the restricted area for less than 3 seconds dribbles in to shoot for goal.

6. As per the new rule when a closely guarded player who is holding the ball, does not pass, shoot, dribble the ball within five seconds.

7. Whenever a player gains control of the ball in his backcourt, his team must, within eight seconds, cross the ball to go into its frontcourt.

8. A team is given twenty seconds for substitution of a player. If they take more time then time out is given.

9. Whenever a player gains control of the ball on the court, a shot for a field goal shall be attempted by his team within twenty-four seconds.

Fundamental skills:

1. Dribbling: The ball is always controlled with fingers. While dribbling the Palm should not be used.

2. Overhead pass: The two-handed overhead pass is used for taller players.

3. Bounce pass: The action of bounce pass is same as chest pass.The only difference is that bounce is given so that it reaches the team-mate about the waist height.

4. Chest pass: Two-handed chest pass is given by spreading the fingers of each hand on each side of the ball and by pushing the ball out from the cricket.

5. Lay upshot: This is most common and easiest shot in basketball. The player reaches the ring by taking two and a half step.

6. Set shot: It is taken when a player gets sufficient time and the defensive player is far away. Instead of jumping a player sets himself, bends his knee and pushes off the floor while attempting the shot towards the basket.

7. Hook shot: This is rarely used and is difficult because the shot is taken with one hand. During this shot, the shooting arm is extended over the head.

8. Jump shot: This is one of the most common shots in the game. The shot involves jumping straight up into the air and the ball is released with both hands when the player is in the air.

9. Dunk: This shot is most liked by spectators.In this shot, the player jumps high enough to get the ball up.


1. Double-foul: A situation in which opposing player commits contact fouls against each other simultaneously.

2. Dead-ball:  Ball lands out of bounds, official blows the whistle, in case of violation, fouls etc.

3. live ball: During jump-ball if ball is legally tapped or officials place the ball for play or at the disposal of free throw or throw-in

4. Lay-up shot: A shot executed by a player while moving two steps with the ball and attempting a shot.

5. Traveling: It is a violation in which illegal movement of the ball by dripping.

6. Fake: It is dodging to an opponent in other direction.

7. Goal: A credited basket scoring which raises the score.

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