Barcelona in the 700th match of the Football / Messi league final team

Messi is a great football player. He is a such a terrific, intelligent, smart player in the world. Today I want to share a big news update. Lets discuss about Barcelona in the 700th match of the Football / Messi league final team

Barcelona in the 700th match of the Football / Messi league final team

Barcelona in the 700th match of the Football / Messi league final team

  • Sports desk In the Spanish football league ‘La Liga’, the current champion Barcelona beat Leganes 2-1.
  • It was the 700th match for the football star Lionel Messi’s team.
  • Legens is at the bottom of the league. This is the third season in the first division of the league’s league.
  • He defeated Barcelona for the first time. This is the first win in six games this season of Legiones.

Leganes beat Barcelona 2-1, Messi could not score
Real Madrid also got defeated, defeated Sevilla by 3-0

Third footballer playing 700 games for Messi club

  1. Messi started playing on behalf of Barcelona 14 years ago.
  2. They have been playing from this club since then. 31-year-old Messi is the third player to play 700 matches from Barcelona.
  3. Javi Hernandez (869 matches) and Andreas Iniesta (758 matches) are second and foremost.

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Kantinho scored the only goal for Barcelona

  1. In the 12th minute, Philip Kutinho scored Barcelona in the Estádio Botarkqua Stadium in Legenes.
  2. Barcelona were 1-0 ahead to the first half. After this, Legnas made a two-goal lead in 68 seconds.

Legnas at number 17 in the points table

  1. Nabil Al Jahar scored the 52nd and Oscar Rodriguez scored in the 53rd minute.
  2. He took Rodriguez from Rial Madrid on loan. After this win, the team of Legenses has reached number 17 in the league table.

Rial and Barcelona on the same day after 44 months

  1. On the other hand, Real Madrid had to face defeat. She defeated Sevilla 3-0.
  • This was the first time in 44 months that Barcelona and Rial had to face defeat at the same time. Earlier, Barcelona and Real Madrid were defeated on 4 January 2015.

Barcelona in the 700th match of the Football / Messi league final team

First match defeat in Real Season

  1. Sevilla beat Real Madrid for the second time in four months.
  2. For him Andre Silva scored two (17th and 21st) and Bisam Ben Yedder scored one (39th) goal.
  3. Sevilla had earlier defeated Rial 3-2 in May. Riyal’s team lost the first match in the season.

Best of the season in 88 Years of Yuvventus

At the same time, in the Italian League, the Yuvants defeated Bologna 2-0 to win the seventh consecutive win. Paulo DiBala scored 11th and Blaz Maitudi scored goals in the 16th minute from the Yuvantras. This is the best start of the year in 88 years of the Yuvventus.

FIFA ranking / France-Belgium top, for the first time, two teams jointly number one

Barcelona in the 700th match of the Football / Messi league final team

Benefit to Belgium after defeating Iceland in the Nations Cup
Former champion Germany, not in Top-10, retained at number 12

  • Lausanne In the FIFA rankings, Belgium team has jointly become number one with France.
  • For the first time in the FIFA rankings, there are two teams. For the first time in the 25-year history of the rankings, two teams have jointly got first place.
  • There has been only one change in the top 10 teams. Denmark’s team has reached one place below the 10th position. There is no change in the ranking of other teams.
  • Ukraine topped up six places: Ukraine’s team has gained the most in ranking. The team has reached the 29th spot with a jump of six places.
  • The German team is improving at the 12th position jointly with Chile, improving three positions. Argentina’s team is 11th, Colombia 14th and Sweden’s team is 15th.

FIFA Rankings: Top-10 Team

Rank Team.              Point
1.      Belgian            1729
1.      France             1729
3 .     Brazilian.         1663
4.      Croatia            1634
5.      Uruguay.          1632
6.      England.          1612
7.      Portugal.         1606
8.      Switzerland.   1598
9.      Spain.              1597
10.    Denmark.        1581

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